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Pet Insurance
Monday, October 26, 2020
  By: Kingsdale Animal Hospital  In: Pet Health
Pet Insurance

Congratulations! You've got a new furry member of the family! :)

Whether it's a new puppy or kitten or older adult dog or cat, getting a new furry family member is fun and exciting for everyone! One thing to consider though, is how to pay for emergency and unexpected vet bills. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Emergencies can get expensive. That's where pet insurance comes in. Pet insurance is like car insurance. It covers accidents and illnesses, generally not the routine care. It helps provide financial peace of mind when something scary happens. There are many different options for pet insurance. There are different companies and different policies within each company that vary based on the coverage, deductible, and underwriting. Some of our clients' most preferred pet insurance companies include: OVMA Pet Insurance, Trupanion, Pets Plus Us, Petplan, and Pet Secure. If you have a young dog or cat (less than four years old) that is healthy, most companies will offer you a free trial of pet insurance! The companies don't take your credit card information for the free trial so there's no way for them to charge you. But if an accident or illness occurs during the free trial month, the insurance company covers it! (Note - some policies have a waiting period, say 48 hours, before the free trial kicks in).

Some insurance plans also cover dental work for your dog or cat. If you have a small breed dog in particular, they are prone to dental disease (tartar, gingivitis, and periodontal disease) so it's a major plus to have a pet insurance plan that will help pay for dental care if needed.

Not everyone wants to pay into a pet insurance policy, but having a financial back up plan in the event of a major illness or accident is important. Some people choose to put money aside each month into a separate bank account to act as their emergency funding. However you choose to save, keeping money aside from accidents and illness is an important part of pet ownership.

Here are some links to our clients' most preferred pet insurance companies. Only a licensed pet insurance broker can give you a quote on how much the monthly premiums are. Check them out online, and if your pet is eligible for a free trial then that's a great way to see what it's all about!

When doing research, remember to keep in mind the deductible, amount of coverage (co-pay, coverage of taxes, etc), and pre-existing conditions (if your pet has any).

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