Our Staff

At Kingsdale Animal Hospital we have over 10 full and part-time employees who are here to help care for your pet.

Dr. Ashley Boultbee

Dr Ashley Boultbee graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1997.  She worked at various practices in Toronto and Woodbridge before becoming the owner of Kingsdale Animal Hospital in 2010.

Dr. Boultbee has lived in King Township her entire life. She grew up in Kettleby and currently lives in Schomberg. Dr. Boultbee feels privileged to have the opportunity to practice in this wonderful community.

Dr. Boultbee lives in Schomberg with her husband Peter and their three children Jacob, Kate and Charlotte. Their family has two cats, Ziggy and George and recently adopted a rescue puppy named Pippa. George is the official Kingsdale Animal Hospital mascot.

Dr. Boultbee enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing, and camping and has recently started horseback riding again after a ten year hiatus. She also enjoys travelling, especially to remote or developing countries. 

In 2008, Dr Boultbee was the veterinarian as part of a team that travelled to Pond Inlet, Nunavut to provide volunteer veterinary services to this remote community. Dr. Boultbee has also participated in two medical mission trips to Nicaragua to provide human medical care to remote communities in that country.

In 2012 Dr. Boultbee joined a six-member team in Mulege, Mexico operating a sterilization and vaccination clinic under the auspices of the Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT). Read the full story here. She is currently looking for another opportunity to volunteer her veterinary services to a community in need.

Pictured with Ziggy.

Dr. Boultbee at work with the Canadian Animal Assistance Team in  Pond Inlet, Nunavut Canada

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team is made up of veterinary professionals dedicated to the care of animals worldwide. Their mandate is to have an impact on the safety, health and population control of domestic animals worldwide by providing education, ensuring domestic animals are included in disaster response plans, providing spay and neuter clinics for domestic animals in rural / underserved areas, and assisting in relief efforts after natural disasters.

Dr. Sarah Kramer
Dr. Sarah Kramer grew up in Thornhill and her strong interest in animal health lead her to become a veterinarian.

She studied at the University of Guelph, where she completed her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Zoology and then her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Upon graduation she was awarded the Charles Duncan McGilvray Prize for making significant contributions to the Ontario Veterinary College through scholarship and leadership.

Sarah enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, but her special interests include surgery, internal medicine, and ophthalmology.

In her spare time she enjoys travelling, training for triathlons, cooking and spending time with her husband and daughter, their dog, Cutie, and rabbit, Nibbles.
Stephanie Brown - Registered Vet Technician
Stephanie started out as a client at Kingsdale Animal Hospital and then ended up working here! She has been with Kingsdale Animal Hospital for over 20 years.

Stephanie has a B.Sc from the University of Guelph. She received her ACT (Animal Care Technologist) and RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) qualifications from her training at St. Lawrence College in Kingston.

Stephanie has had a number of pets over the years. Right now, she is the proud owner of a rambunctious young Blue Tick Coonhound named Urshurak.

Stephanie enjoys walking and often participates in fundraising walks and she also enjoys relaxing at the cottage.

Pictured with Hildee and Gwynevere.
Nicole Iacoucci - Veterinary Receptionist
Nicole has been with Kingsdale Animal Hospital for the past two years.

She is the mother of 4 children (including a set of twins!) and 4 fur babies. She owns two Shih Poo's named Milo and Gunner, a Shih Tzu named Blue and recently acquired a beautiful German Shepherd puppy named Gia-Grace.

Animals have always been a passion of Nicole's and she says she feels very blessed to be able to work at Kingsdale Animal Hospital. She feels fortunate to work with like-minded individuals who share her passion and dedication.

Nicole and Dr. Boultbee worked together at another clinic several years ago, so they are excited to be working together again.

Nicole is very grateful to all the pet owners who have made her feel so welcome.

Pictured with Gia-Grace.
Maryssa Eade - Veterinary Assistant
Maryssa joined our team in April 2021 as Veterinary Assistant. She has recently completed Behavioral Sciences at Seneca College, but decided she was better suited to the animal field.

Maryssa has been working with animals most of her life and has been a dog handler for the past 5 years. She also does dog training when working at Kingsdale Animal Hospital.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her three Huskies Rip, Navarra and Titan or spending time with her family and friends.

She enjoys going trail riding when the opportunity arises.

Pictured with Rip and Navarra

Melanie Worsdale - Veterinary Assistant
Melanie has been a part of the Kingsdale Animal Hospital team since 1992.

She works as an animal assistant primarily on the weekends, as she has a full time job elsewhere.

Her full time job involves number crunching, so she really enjoys her weekends at Kingsdale where she can enjoy the company of our four legged friends.

In her spare time Melanie enjoys being involved in Vintage Racing with her dad.

She is the part owner of George, the Kingsdale Animal Hospital mascot!

Pictured with Indy.
Pippa is the official canine mascot for Kingsdale Animal Hospital. Although she is not a resident, like George, she spends a lot of time at the clinic and provides comfort to both staff, clients and patients alike.

Pippa was born in the southern United States and was adopted by Dr. Boultbee in the fall of 2015 when she was just a puppy.

She is a mixed breed dog and likely has traces of beagle and boxer included in her mix.

In her sparetime, Pippa enjoys chasing squirrels, going on forest walks (to try to chase more squirrels), eating cat food, begging for table food and taking long leisurely naps.
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