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Rabies in King City
Monday, July 6, 2020
  By: Kingsdale Animal Hospital  In: Pet Health
Dead Bath Tests Positive for Rabies in King City

In June we were involved in a case of rabies exposure to one of our patients and would like to remind everyone that the risk of rabies is very prevalent in King City and surrounding area. A dead bat was found in King City and was sent to the Ontario Ministry for Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs and tested positive for Rabies. The dead bat was found on the property of one of our clients, near Keele and King Vaughan road.

Please see the following York Region article for more information:,Vaughan%20Road%20and%20Keele%20Street.

Please remember to ensure all your dogs and cats are up to date on their Rabies vaccines. This includes indoor cats, as bats can get into the home and expose indoor animals. Rabies is fatal in both animals and people. Rabies is a zoonotic disease, which means that it can be transmitted to people from animals. Transmission of rabies is through saliva via licking or biting. The Rabies vaccine is extremely protective for dogs and cats. Rabies vaccines should be given to puppies and kittens and boosted in adult dogs and cats. Rabies vaccines last 3 years in adult dogs (after their one year booster and puppy boosters) and 1 year in cats (after kitten boosters).

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