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Monday, June 29, 2020
  By: Kingsdale Animal Hospital  In: Pet Health
Keeping Pets Calm During Fireworks

Many pets get anxious during fireworks. After all, they don't know what causes the loud pops and bangs that they hear. As Canada Day is approaching, here are some tips to help keep your pets calm during the celebrations:

(1) Keep Pets Inside - If you have an outdoor cat, please keep it inside during the firework celebrations. The loud noises can spook them. Additionally, if your pet is spooked by the noises indoors, have a calm, quiet, cool, and safe environment area ready for them. This can include a cozy crate, small area in the bedroom or under the bed.

(2) Close windows, curtains, blinds and doors - Try to block out the noise and light from the fireworks as best you can.

(3) Exercise pets earlier in the day - This can help make them more tired in the evening, which can reduce the anxiety that they experience. Take your dog for a long walk earlier in the day or have a long, active play session with your cat.

(4) Provide distractions - When the fireworks are going off, have lots of toys, treats, games and playtime ready to try and distract them from the outside noise.

(5) Mask the noise - Playing calming music on the radio or TV can help distract pets from the outside noise as well.

(6) Ensure pets have ID - Sometimes pets get spooked and can run out of the house if given the opportunity. If something scary happens and your pet gets out, having an identification collar on them can help them find their way back home. Similarly, having your pet microchipped can also help them get back home when they are lost.

(7) Remain calm, act normal - Our pets feed off of our emotions. Try to remain calm during firework displays, continue to distract them with toys, treats and music.

(8) Consider anxiety medication - Some pets get too anxious during firework displays to be kept calm with just behavioural techniques. If that is the case, please call us to discuss anxiety medication for your pet. We can dispense medication to help relieve your pet of the firework anxiety and stress. This medication is typically given about an hour prior to the start of the fireworks and will help relax pets who get stressed out. It can also be used for thundestorms, long drives to the cottage, and other occasional stressful events. Call us today to discuss the options.

Happy Canada Day and Stay Safe!

From all the staff at Kingsdale Animal Hospital!

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